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Awesome Foreign Word of the Day: Jung

Jung (Korean): a feeling that is stronger than love and can only be proved when surviving a difficult argument.
Prononciation: Jung

This word should come with confetti and sparklers and a parade.

Let me explain.

I feel this word portrays something so epic in the love category that at the end of the argument, when you have achieved the highest love-honor of ‘jung’, a banner should fall down from the ceiling, one that reads ‘You Effing Did It’ and as it unravels there are balloons and a man in a top hat who will fly out of nowhere and deliver to you a bouquet of sparklers and designer cupcakes. This isn’t your pansy argument about who forgot to buy milk or who made who feel invalidated. This is your nuclear, fire raining from the sky brand of argument. The one where you throw your hands up and say, ‘this just isn’t working out’ and just when it seems it might end right there and then, you come back from the brink of relationship extinction, teetering away from that horrifying cliff and into the safe arms of your ‘constant.’

THAT is jung.

So, doesn’t it only seem fair that some sort of mini circus would explode from your floors and closets as you veer away from the relationship self destruct button?